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Why should you buy from me?

- Top advice on site
- Are you a newbie? I am happy to support you right from the start in planning and implementing your project.
- Every fish lover gets the fish that suits him best
- A smear is taken twice a year from the fish and examined for parasites etc. on site. If necessary, the case will of course be dealt with immediately. The fish are not given any unnecessary medication!
- When choosing fish food, great importance is attached to the composition.

Now my lounge is finally ready. All plants and palms have got their place. Now you can really feel at home with a customer service or with a cozy coffee after shopping.

If fish have an accident during transport, you will receive a free exchange. (Except in the case of grossly negligent action!)
The buyer is liable from the transfer from the transport bag to another body of water!

Items from the shop are shipped with DHL.

Articles that are not in the shop, such as filters, pumps, UVC light, PVC articles, spare parts, feed, ... can be ordered on request.

The general terms and conditions apply