ANOKATH Koi-antiBac 100 ml

ANOKATH Koi-antiBac 100 ml

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At first I was also skeptical whether it would not be another much touted miracle cure. After it was tested in practice and official reports were presented to me, I was blown away. In the meantime I am convinced that in a few years the Anokath will be part of the basic equipment like a water test.

ANOKATH Koi - antiBac

is a highly effective germ reducing agent against bacteria, germs, fungi and viruses.

Made from water and salt (sodium hypochlorite)

You will receive a set consisting of a spray bottle of liquid spray Koi antiBac for pre-treatment, as well as a spray bottle of Koi antiBac gel for the 2nd step.

Recommended use:

The wound is sprayed extensively with ANOKATH Koi-antiBac liquid - leave it on for a few seconds. In the second step, the wound is sprayed over a large area with ANOKATH Koi - antiBac Gel.

Often one treatment is sufficient depending on the severity of the injury, but it can also be reapplied every 3 days.

I am of course available to answer any questions you may have.

Acts virucidal (EN 14476), bactericidal (EN 1040), fungicidal (EN 1275)

ANOKATH Koi - antiBac liquid in spray bottle + ANOKATH Koi - antiBac Gel in spray bottle

Always use ANOKATH before - and with caution. Please always read the enclosed product information and the label before use.