Anubias gracilis

Anubias gracilis

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Western Africa is home to many varieties of Anubias, and this is also where this one originated.

The triangular 5 - 10 cm long leaves with long leaf stems make Anubias gracilis one of the most elegant of its family.
It is frugal and robust - a good beginner plant. The plant can grow on stones and roots or be planted in the ground. When planting in the ground, however, the rhizome from which leaves and roots emerge must not be covered, otherwise the whole plant will rot and die.

Anubias gracilis can be allowed to grow out of the aquarium, but the plant becomes much larger above water.

Plant information

Type: Rhizome / rhizome
Origin: Africa
Growth speed: Slowly
Height: 10 - 20+
Light requirements: Low
CO2: Low