Blue Bella III 8.2-15,000 L

Blue Bella III 8.2-15,000 L

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Energy-efficient pond filter and watercourse pump with wireless remote control

The intelligent electronic motor control uses inverter technology to ensure that the pump operates very evenly and therefore very energy-efficiently, as well as minimizing operating noise. The service life of the pump is increased significantly. The rotor's bearings and shaft are made of high-strength, low-wear aluminum oxide ceramics. The pump has overvoltage, dry running and rotor blockage protection (auto-stop). It can be operated in fresh and sea water. The supplied remote control consists of:

a) a hand-held transmitter with a range of approx. 10 m (functions: on / off, delivery / motor output plus / minus) This controls the pump in 10 stages in a range from 55% to 100% of the nominal output and

b) a receiver, which is installed between the mains plug of the pump and the socket.

Model BB3-15000, Watt *) 130, L / h 8.2-15.000, H max 6.0 m, diameter outlet 1 ½ “, dimensions mm LxWxH 270 x 130 x 143

all models 230 v ~ / 50 Hz

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