Filter brushes corrugated 80 cm 480 pieces

Filter brushes corrugated 80 cm 480 pieces

The difference between conventional filter brushes and these ...
If you look at a conventional filter brush, you will see that the individual bristles are straight. Our brushes are wavy. These corrugated bristles make it possible to increase the total area by approx. 50% on the same area with the same number of bristles. This makes the brushes more dense overall, which increases the ability to pick up dirt and thus
1. Mechanically finer filters and
2. Offers a much higher surface for the biological settlement of bacteria.
The ends of the brush are provided with a protective cap.

Filter brushes only available in pallets! (see pictures)
Dealer inquiries are welcome.

Approx. 80cm total length
1 piece:
€ 6.84
1 box of 60 pieces:
€ 6.10 - € 366
1 pallet of 480 pieces:
€ 5.50 - € 2,640

from 3 pallets 10%