Hailea 12 V transport aerator 3,600 L

Hailea 12 V transport aerator 3,600 L

SKU: 96079

Robust and very powerful oil-free 12 v (direct current) piston compressors for use in cars or trucks or on a 12v car battery. The stable aluminum housing safely dissipates the heat generated during operation. Can also be used as a vacuum pump (to generate negative pressure). Proven 10,000 times in industrial use and in the aquarium hobby! HaIlea is certified as a manufacturer according to the ISO9001: 2000 standard. The compressors are supplied with a plastic multiple distributor and a connection hose.

Model: ACO-003, watt: 25, l / h: 3,600, pressure (MPa):> 0.06

measured without counter pressure, maximum injection depth / 0.01 MPa corresponds to 1.0 m water column

12 months guarantee, except for wearing parts (membranes) - 24 months guarantee