Hailea piston compressor ACO-009 E 8,400 L

Hailea piston compressor ACO-009 E 8,400 L

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Robust and very powerful oil-free 220 V piston compressors. The stable aluminum housing of the compressors safely dissipates the heat generated during operation via the cooling fins. The SF3 coating for pistons and cylinders results in lower energy consumption and higher air emissions. Halea is certified as a manufacturer according to the ISO9001: 2000 standard. The compressors are supplied with a plastic multiple distributor and a connection hose.

12 months guarantee, except for wearing parts (membranes).

Model ACO-009 E, Watt 112, L / min 140, L / h 8,400, pressure (MPa)> 0.035, volume <60 db, 16-way air distributor

measured without counter pressure 2) maximum injection depth / 0.01 MPa corresponds to 1.0 m water column 12 months guarantee - 24 months guarantee