Osaga pond pump Variomatix OHE-22000 VX

Osaga pond pump Variomatix OHE-22000 VX

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Controllable pumps with the latest sine frequency converter. The controller works steplessly, enables a very fine control behavior and thus absolutely quiet motor operation. The motors are protected as this technology eliminates bearing currents.

The delivery rate can be regulated from approx. 30% to 100%.

Dirt particles up to Ø 8 mm are conveyed.

The pumps are suitable for fresh and sea water.

The pump is switched on or off by means of the wired external remote control unit (controller) and the delivery rate (motor output and power consumption) is continuously changed.

In the event of a power failure, the values last saved in the controller are retained.

Model: OHE-22000 VX

Watt *) 70-200

L / h *) 12,000-22,000

H max 7.5 m

Inlet / outlet 2 "/ 2"

All models 230 V ~ / 50 Hz *) Depending on the setting on the controller. Flow rates measured without back pressure.

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