Black flounder ECO 20,000 L

Black flounder ECO 20,000 L

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High performance - low consumption! ECO more liters per watt

Osaga pond pumps of the Schwarze Flunder ECO series are high-quality and particularly energy-efficient continuous running pumps that can also convey coarse dirt particles up to 6 mm in diameter without clogging. Your asynchronous shaded pole motor is characterized by high pressure and delivery rates with extremely low power consumption. The low-wear ceramic shaft ensures a long service life. Black flounder eco are particularly suitable for operating pond filters as well as streams and waterfalls. The pump body is enclosed by a large filter basket, which prevents the pump from becoming contaminated prematurely.

Model OSF-20000E, watt 220, L / min 333, L / h 20,000, H max. 6.2 m, average outlet pump 1.5˝ / 38.1 mm, average inlet pump 2˝ / 50.8 mm

ODR adjustable

measured without counter pressure 2 years guarantee