Sea rose fertilizer cones

Sea rose fertilizer cones

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10 pieces of Söll sea rose fertilizer cones

Water lily fertilizer cones are a rapid growth aid and high-quality long-term supply for all aquatic plants. Thanks to plant-available macronutrients, minerals and valuable trace elements, water lilies grow by leaps and bounds, shine in a lush green leaf and show strong flower colors.

Water lily fertilizer cones are easy to use and, thanks to their cone shape, can be pressed completely into the pond floor or the potting soil. There the nutrients are absorbed by the roots of the aquatic plants, but not by algae.

Our application and dosage recommendation

Press into the pond floor near the root area or directly into the planter baskets.

When replanting, use 1 to 3 water lily fertilizer cones, depending on the size of the plants. Re-fertilize once a year with the same dosage.