Turbocleaner TC3

Turbocleaner TC3

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Patented innovation: removes floating algae!

Fresh water skimmer for ponds up to 40,000 liters
The Turbocleaner TC3 has revolutionary patented skimmer heads with a core made of stainless steel. The use of this material not only causes a significantly higher and better removal of surface-active dissolved substances from the water, but also works against green water, which is caused by floating algae.
The water pollution in the garden pond is caused by organic substances such as metabolic products of the fish, proteins, or ammonium. From a physical point of view, these substances are surface-active, ie they preferentially accumulate at the interfaces between water and air. The skimming process removes this load from the water.
Advantages of the TurboCleaner process:

• Final removal of the pollutants dissolved in the water

• Once adjusted, the TC3 runs for weeks without readjustment

• Minimal maintenance, easy to clean

• works without the use of chemicals

• Ready for connection including air vents, air distributors and air hose

• Can be connected to existing pumps and aerators
Dimensions LxHxW: 530 x 340 x 380 mm

recommended Pump: 3-5,000 L / h